When and where does Simply Admissions meet with clients?  
We fully understand how hectic students' schedules can be, which is why we are as flexible as possible. We are available to meet before or after school, on weekends, and during most school vacations. If you are in the Atlanta-metro area, New York tri-state area, or South Florida, we are able to meet with you in person.  Simply Admissions also offers online consulting, via Skype and/or phone.

When is the best time to start meeting with an educational consultant?
The earlier the better! Simply Admissions offers packages for students starting in 9th grade.  Most students usually start during their junior year, but by beginning to work together earlier, we have the opportunity to maximize the student's transcript, extracurricular activities, and summer opportunities.  

Our high school has a great guidance counselor.  Why should we hire you?
Guidance counselors can be a great resource, but many times they have a large amount of students that they are responsible for advising.  At Simply Admissions, we have the ability to offer a more personalized approach, a customized college plan, and meet with families more frequently.  

What are your fees?
We offer many types of packages and payment plans.  If you are interested in learning more about our fees please contact us.  We also offer our services on a sliding scale and pro bono basis, when appropriate.