Many families are confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed by the admissions process. Our Founder, Lindsay Fried, knew that this did not need to be the case, which is why she decided to start Simply Admissions.  

Lindsay graduated from the University of Miami in 2013, and as a recent college graduate herself, she is able to offer a unique perspective. Lindsay has personally been through the struggles and triumphs students experience while applying to college in today's competitive environment. This allows her to relate to the concerns of today's high school students and understand the best way to provide motivation and support.  Additionally, Lindsay fully understands how to leverage the technology available today to benefit her students. Simply Admissions clients are given access to professional college planning software, personality tests, proprietary spreadsheets, and other tools that have proven to simplify and streamline the process.  

Today's job market is rapidly changing, with an increasing emphasis on the gig economy, job-sharing, remote work, and more. Lindsay understands these new job trends, which allows her to better prepare her clients and provide them with advice on how to use these new opportunities to their advantage.

Lindsay routinely travels the country visiting colleges, speaking with admission officers, and attending conferences, webinars, and events.  This allows her to stay current regarding ever-changing trends and available resources. Lindsay is dedicated to guiding families through the process, step-by-step, making the experience manageable. She is truly passionate about matching students with colleges where they will excel academically and socially.